TikTok Convinced Me To Get The Wolf Cut & Its So Cool

The first thing you’ll want to do is to brush out your hair really well, removing any knots or tangles so your hair is easier to work with. COCUU Mellow Serum is a hairstyling serum made by 95% nature-derived ingredients. Oil Keratin to replenished proteins and fatty acids are well blended to repair damaged hair at the same time.

So, do not shampoo your hair in excess after a haircut. When you use a shampoo, make sure you clean the scalp as well gently and don’t go overboard with the cleaning process. Also, don’t use to condition your hair after you use shampoo. One of the best things about the wolf cut is its low-maintenance needs. Wolf Cut Without Bangs – thevou.comThe general gist of a proper wolf cut is to showcase the right amount of feral and retain a relaxed, cool-girl feel. While both feature short, heavily layered hair in the front, there’s a big difference between them due to how they’re layered.

The hairstyle is layered, choppy, and feathery. The mullet also debuted and became popular in the ’70s, thanks to the likes of David Bowie . The look is often referred to as the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ style.

Brush all of your hair forward and place it into a ponytail. The ponytail should be positioned in the center of your forehead—not to hispanic curly hair taper the side—and falling directly down the center of your face. Sun Bum also protects your hair against the damage of harsh UV rays.

It’s a fun and modern way of showing off your natural texture, giving it a nice shape and volume. I use the new Cloud Nine Cordless Iron Pro to curl the mid-section of each piece of hair, spraying sections of my roots with the texturiser. Via Instagram @sisun.beomAlthough wolf cuts tend to emphasize volume, people with pin-straight hair can still rock this look with a few modifications. By experimenting with color and keeping your layers uniform, you too can achieve this aloof, futuristic look.