Top 10 Best Hydrafacial in Saint Louis, MO January 2023

Aurora Med Spa uses cutting-edge technology to provide innovative medical spa services. These include derma peels, facials, injectables, Botox, and more. It also offers a monthly skincare club where you can select from a number of available treatments every month for a flat monthly fee.

This powerful yet gentle technology enables your professional skin care expert to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate with hydradermabrasion . Treatment is then followed by a peel and finished with a peptide moisturizer, expertly applied by the Hydrafacial technology. The PicoWay Resolve laser is a versatile treatment option that can resolve numerous cosmetic concerns. This picosecond laser uses ultra-short laser pulses to create a “photoacoustic” effect, which destroys unwanted pigments by shattering them, rather than heating them. When activated, the PicoWay Resolve device splits the main laser into 100 beamlets spaced evenly across the treated area. The laser beamlets reach into the deep layers of skin, which keeps the upper layer cool and intact.

This sophisticated laser features integrated cooling air to ensure a comforting experience. This top medical spa in St. Louis has been rated highly for providing the five-year Bellafill injectable medical spa service. It is known for delivering various skincare treatments that help treat conditions such as acne, damaged capillaries, and Rosacea. Eternity offers services like Xeomin, CoolSculpting, facials, and chemical peels.

At LightRx in St. Louis, we use state-of-the-art HydraFacial technology that helps achieve maximum results with minimal discomfort. This technology features a vortex-fusion delivery system, which quickly and effectively distributes targeted serums throughout the skin. The treatment also incorporates proprietary elastin and new collagen boosters that help to restore the natural elasticity of your skin and reduce fine lines and facial wrinkles.

Britenol is specially formulated to target dark spots and sun damaged areas. Britenol is clinically proven to leave skin glowing with a more even complexion. Its key ingredients, Alpha-Arbutin, is derived from bearberry extract to brighten the appearance of dark spots. Vitamin C exhibits antioxidant properties, and gives skin added brightness. The HydraFacial’s Vortex-Fusion technology creates a vortex effect in the skin to remove impurities and clear out clogged pores.

St. Louis Skin Solutions is owned by Amy Miller, a former beauty pageant queen and medical expert. It is a regional best medical spa winner and also has a retail store with various products available for purchase. St. Louis reid shapiro Skin Solutions specializes in skin revitalization services, like the Triple Treat treatment. This treatment combines the elements of Laser Genesis, Microneedling, and topical Sculptra to increase your overall skin wellness.