Understand missing & delayed reviews Google Business Profile Help

It seems like there is another set of reviews going missing or being removed by Google in the Google Maps and local listings. Joy Hawkins noticed an increase in complaints from businesses over the past week what are conformists but Mike Blumenthal thinks it is more intentional over the last few months. When a review is removed, there’s usually a valid reason. We’ve recently updated the article with 2 more reasons – #10 and #24.

The review may still be in the moderation process, meaning that Google reviews it to ensure it meets its content guidelines. It’s also possible that the review was published but is only visible to you because you’re logged into your Google account. If you want to see more than just the reviews that have been deleted, you can try using a third-party service like ReviewTrackers or BrightLocal. These services track online reviews for businesses and can give you insights into what people say about your business online. Reviews on your local listings can be the lifeblood of your local Google Search and Maps business.

To help you better understand why your Google Reviews disappear, we have outlined some of the most common reasons why this happens. Myta is the Content Writer & Designer at DigitalMaas. Have you ever observed missing Google reviews on your Business Profile? If you have and you’re wondering how that happened, read through our blog to learn more. No need to say it, but I will because that’s how blog posts go – Many small businesses are having a rough go in the time of coronavirus. If you’re in the vacation industry, I really feel for you as the vacation travel sector has almost completely dried up and I doubt…

Especially if you operate a local service business, getting more Google reviews is a lifeline for greater visibility online to help win you more sales. So I recommend always reading Google’s terms of service and their guidelines. You might pick up something new and realize that maybe you were violating their terms of service by accident.

If you see a review with a link and it hasn’t yet been removed, try to get in touch with the customer and ask them to edit their review to remove the link before Google takes it down. When your Google reviews are not showing up, that means you’ve made an error that needs to be fixed or the reviewer themself violated a policy. It’s vital not to understate theimportance of customer reviews. They show your reputation, help you rank on the “Local 3-Pack” and improve the performance of Google Local Services Ads. Over 95 million policy-violating writing reviews were removed, and 1 million reviews were reported directly to Google.

Its such a shame they have the monopoly and have no incentive to improve. I would like to know if I did one or two mistakes out of all these and google has detected it as spam. My all review seems like banned and I had honest reviews earlier which have been removed and I am not able to get more reviews. I did make the mistake of writing a review after my husband had also written one on same company. I get that only one per household….However, neither of our reviews are on there at all now.

Fix any information that doesn’t match up with your business like the description, the location, etc. This has been restored since then, but it’s just to give you an idea of what can happen at any given time. The third reason you may notice a review is missing is that you review data on your google business page; the reviewer’s profile could have been filtered or terminated for whatever reason.

There are a few different reasons why this might happen. For example, if you’re repeatedly asking customers to leave reviews or if you’re offering incentives in exchange for reviews, Google may consider your activities to be spammy. Have you recently added your business to Google but don’t see your google reviews?

I’ve 3-4 businesses, 2 of which are extremely popular among my customers and have earned 4.9 and 5 for each business out of sheer hard work. But a few days back google disabled my whole account two times . Though both times the account got activated when I logged in again, but all my GMB businesses are now in suspended state. Make it part of your regular business process and start backing up your reviews, so you can analyze the reviews and to discover the reason a review is removed in the future. When you get that notification email of a new Google Business Profile review, copy the review and the details. When you notice a drop in your number of reviews, take a look through your reviews to figure out which one was deleted.