University of Virginia McIntire’s School of Commerce: MS in Commerce

The top undergraduate majors represented in Darden’s MBA program are Business (29%), Economics (17%), and Science/Engineering (25%). College Admissions Application consulting and career-oriented mentorship for undergraduate admissions. Get a personalized plan for a competitive application from an admissions expert. Personally I would not be concerned about the “weed out” factor in terms of needing to apply to get into finance. To some extent there is going to be some form of weed out for any demanding career. The sooner someone figures out that their intended career is not for them, the sooner they can look for a different option that is right for them.

Topics include understanding the role of strategic leaders, crafting organizational narratives, managing cultures, guiding change, balancing stakeholder expectations, and managing organizational threats. Specific topics will vary from semester to semester, but the course will likely include an international travel component and interactions with many international parties. GCOM 7290Frontiers in Biotechnology I This course is first in a two-seminar sequence that introduces students to the science and business of the biotechnology industry.

GCOM 5871Communication Strategies for Business Professionals Participants will sharpen speaking and writing skills for professional situations related to their areas of concentration. We’ll learn strategies for structuring and delivering persuasive material for a variety of audiences and engage in some of the most important conversations taking place in business today that cut across all areas. These may include globalization and emerging communication technologies. In addition to the project, students will engage with leaders in the Charlottesville community to learn about the challenges leaders face in different contexts. COMM 4620Strategic Leadership Offered Spring 2023This course seeks to develop students’ ability to respond to complex leadership challenges in multiple contexts.

GCOM 7840Innovation and Technology Management GCOM 7840 focuses on the necessary technological, financial, and organizational issues to consider when developing a business case around a transformational, IT-based strategic initiative. Projects of this sort can impact how an organization pursues its strategic goals, and in some cases may also suggest shifts in strategy to pursue new opportunities that are compatible with the firm’s resources and capabilities. GCOM 7677Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in a Global Context Offered Spring 2023This course builds hydrafacial before and after water on the Strategic Leadership course offered in the fall. It draws on insights from psychology and behavioral economics to explore negotiations and conflict management in organizational settings. The course’s interactive format develops students’ ability to negotiate strategically for individual and organizational success, and to handle conflict effectively in cross-cultural contexts. GCOM 7672Managing Innovation in Global Operations Offered Spring 2023This course seeks to familiarize students with concepts and models relevant to innovators and entrepreneurs.

GCOM 7230Data Management for Decision Making Provides an overview of the concepts, technologies, and tools necessary to support and improve electronic commerce, with emphasis on tools and methodologies for measuring and enhancing digital presence. The two major areas covered are web analytics and search analytics. Through a semester-long group project, the course focuses on how these concepts can be used to measure, analyze, and improve user experience, web traffic, and conversion rates.

This course will develop your skills in discovering, describing, and securing management support for new IT-based strategic initiatives. GCOM 7800Advanced Enterprise Architecture Building on the foundations in GCOM 7790, this class fosters insights into contemporary IT architecture trends. Topics include cybersecurity, cloud architectures, and emerging technologies. Students envision a business-value-adding digital innovation for a real-world business, describe their innovation by creating several architectural artifacts (e.g., process and information models), and present it to an audience of tech-savvy leaders. GCOM 7660Global Supply Chain Management Offered Spring 2023This course leads students to investigate key operational issues in managing global operations and supply chains. It delivers the latest theories, principles, and methods of modern operations management and global supply chain management.

It covers key factors for the successful development, deployment, and management of AI, machine learning, and other algorithmic approaches to automated decision-making. Students will perform predictive analytics via machine learning using industry-standard packages.GCOM 7216Data Aggregation & Visualization (1.5)Students will learn how to communicate effectively with data and data structures. This includes how to evaluate potential sources of data, aggregate data values from multiple sources, and compile creative, professional, and descriptive visualizations from that data. Drawing on a combination of theory, practical experience, and case studies, we also try to understand the behavior of global financial markets within a broader set of economic and geopolitical considerations. It also offers specialized career events in a variety of fields, such as commerce, engineering, nursing, education, and government and non-profits.

In Accounting – A 9-month master’s designed for accounting majors or those with significant accounting coursework. It was ranked #5 for “First-Time CPA Pass Rate” by the NASBA Report in 2017.By pursuing either Financial Reporting & Assurance or Tax Consulting, you’ll gain deep technical knowledge within your area of focus. Beyond the hard skills, the program emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving, high performing teams, business communication, and project management. The University of Virginia Darden School of Business seeks a wide variety of abilities, leadership, work experiences, and academic backgrounds in its MBA candidates.