What is the meaning of “¿Todavía está disponible?”? Question about English US

You must have access to transportation (car, bus, train, etc.) which would allow you to begin a job right away. Also, you must have no personal reasons preventing you from working. You will not receive benefits during any week in which you are unavailable for work. For instance, if you are on vacation or traveling for a week or more, you won’t be able to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits during that time.

Another displacement effect may be at work in what appears to be a chronically over-supplied regional market, namely copper scrap. There was a noticeable rise in New Orleans stocks in the first quarter of this year. But the inflow has since fizzled out and the port has, on a net basis, accounted for only 11,091 tonnes of the overall 108,160-tonne increase since November.

The difference between this and DVR is that you won’t be able to skip the commercials. In addition to all games being on Fox and FS1, there also will be a fair amount of on-demand coverage available on Tubi, which is Fox’s ad-supported on-demand network. (It also will have 29 live games.) In addition, there’s also going to be a dedicated Tubi World Cup channel that stands apart from the larger Tubi service. If it doesn’t, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

We have all been conditioned and have our own unique values and beliefs. Some of these are really helpful to drive you to success. Others are not so helpful and can create stumbling blocks.

CamStudio can be learned in a matter of minutes and comes with a comprehensive built-in helpfile, so if you do manage to get stuck, you can simply hit “Help” and get the answers you need. If you had work during the week for which you are claiming benefits, and you know you will not have work the following week, immediately follow steps toREOPEN/REASSERT THE CLAIM . If you did any work between the designated dates, answerYESand report what you earned. Report wages from an employer the week they were earned; report self-employment income the week it was received.

I have worked with individuals and businesses for the last 20 years and I have literally transformed peoples lives. My belief is that you have all that you need to be the brilliant you, you were born to be. I am passionate about you living the life you want and having a positive impact on the world around you.

Learn more about each topic, see who’s involved, and find the latest news, reports, events and more. Your access to YouTube TV won’t be immediately shut off, though. You’ll still get access to YouTube TV on the web and artribion reviews all devices until the end of your billing period. Once you hit that point and the payment doesn’t renew, you’ll lose access to all live TV streaming. YouTube TV, like all other streaming services, is simple to cancel.

They further agree that education shall enable all persons to participate effectively in a free society, promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations and all racial, ethnic or religious groups, and further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace. Special protection should be accorded to mothers during a reasonable period before and after childbirth. During such period working mothers should be accorded paid leave or leave with adequate social security benefits.

There’s also a little bit of on-demand fare available in 4K resolution, too. You’ll find 4K streams from Discovery, FX, Nat Geo, and Tastemade. This feature lets you jump to various segments within select news programs on YouTube TV. Similar to key plays view for sports, on some programs, you’ll be able to jump to specific news clips within the complete recording. This feature is available on TV apps now and will come to mobile devices soon.