Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Season 1, Episode 10

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Widget (voiced by Lara Jill Miller in the US and Julie-Ann Dean in the UK) is a pink rabbit-like creature. She is a mechanical whiz furniture stores in tawas mi with an incredibly heavy stereotypical Southern accent. She is a builder and engineer who has built all sorts of inventions.

The show has received an Emmy, a KidScreen Best TV Movie award (for Wubb Idol, starring Beyoncé), and a Telly award. Wubbzy and friends are also interacting with fans on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as iWubbzy, iDaizy, iWidget and iWalden. Widget catches on to the fact that Wubbzy is winning all his games by cheating, so she builds an ultimate robot to teach him a lesson about cheating. Wubbzy finds a treasure map in a library book.

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Wubbzy is discouraged when everyone else is better at magic tricks than he is. A group of baby chirpees have lost their mother, until they start to follow Wubbzy who leads them home. Widget uses a new invention to try and find her wiggle wrench that she lost right before a contest.

In UK and Australia, Season 1, Volumes 1–2 (Episodes 1–14, and 15–26) were released as season DVD boxes; these were not released in the United States. In Latin America, the series was aired initially on Discovery Kids Latin America from October 8, 2007, to 2016. Madame Zabinga is a yellow-colored resident who is the only teacher of the local ballet school. Ty Ty the Tool Guy is an orange-colored resident appeared in the eponym episode, titled Ty Ty the Tool Guy. Buggy, Huggy, and Earl are 3 friends who sometimes hang out with Wubbzy. Buggy is turquoise, Huggy is light blue, and Earl is orange.