Yea or Nay? Wrensilva’s Retro Hi-Fi Stereo Consoles

Show off your enthusiasm for vinyl with the Wrensilva M1 wooden record console. This beautiful console consists of hand-selected woods and is available in North-American Walnut or White and North American Walnut. In fact, it comes with a Wrensilva solid-state pre-amp and a 300 WPC Class D output- IcePower by Bang & Olufsen. Meanwhile, Sonos technology provides seamless transitions between streaming music and playing vinyl. What’s more, you can pair this console with other Sonos speakers in your home. Plus, you can play all of your favorite music services through the app.

Twin 6.5in speakers are paired with a powered subwoofer located in the steel pedestal, while the rest of the structure is finished in handcrafted American black walnut. An array of streaming options are also available, including Airplay and Sonos. Paolo Cappello’s ‘Caruso’ for Miniforms is a piece of furniture that fully embraces the idea of pop art. Incorporating a 50-watt speaker system and Bluetooth connectivity, the console references the earliest era of vinyl amplification, with its ceramic trumpet embedded into a refined, tapered-leg cabinet. Cappello describes the piece as something that ‘everybody immediately can understand as a cabinet that plays music’.

The resulting design has been dubbed as Standard One, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Three listening modes, storage for records, and thoughtful design provide everything you need for a gratifying home music experience. The Loft is a truly elegant and flexible record console for any size space. Debra and I both have backgrounds in high-end furniture design, which comes through in our aesthetic.

The legs just don’t make sense to me; what is the point of reducing the footprint when the console above takes up the width that it does? It needlessly cuts down on record storage space, and the splayed angle of the legs partially obscures the album cover. It worst gpa ever also forces you to access the records from the side, requiring you to peer beneath the unit to see the spines of the records. Wrensilva is a California-based company that aims to create old-school hi-fi record-playing consoles featuring fresh, modern design.

He had reams of big band tapes and LPs He loved to play them on his “statement” Penncrest rig. It really doesn’t matter that the electronics in this setup were pretty pedestrian even as the cabinet work was impressive. My dad loved listing to Jan Garber and Louis Armstrong on his system. I loved listening to The Beatles, The Stones, The Temptations, The Supremes, and endless 45’s on this system. I think about console stereos not with a nudge and a wink, but with great love and respect. The fully decoupled Pro-Ject turntable will likely be the star of the show for any vinyl purist, and it fits beautifully below the Loft’s North American Walnut top.

In the pre-transistor age, the physical demands of valves, speakers, and wiring made early radiograms more akin to traditional wooden furniture than a piece of technology. It took the best part of half a century for audio equipment to shake off its relationship with wood, only for the material to re-surface in the modern era as a way of expressing warmth, craft, and authenticity. The largest of the Club Series models, this M1 is based on the Wrensilva M1 flagship console, but just a bit meaner in all the best kind of ways.

Enter the Standard One, a gorgeous piece of wooden furniture that hides a hi-fidelity audio system from Wrensilva. With aims to represent the best in modern American watchmaking, L.A.-based Weiss is the perfect partner for Tanner Goods. Teased yesterday afternoon, the collaboration celebrates 15 years of Tanner goods with a 38mm limited edition Field Watch. The homage to the brand is seen in everything from the dial (using the same font used for sizing on Tanner Goods’ belts) to the custom Horween Cordovan leather strap. British hi-fi brand +Audio builds one of the most exacting all-in-one record players on the market, transcending the genre by focusing on sound and build quality.

As the resurgence in vinyl sales has shown, just because an idea is from the past, that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested. That is the idea behind Wrensilva’s Standard One, which aims to resurrect the record console of old, while throwing in a pinch of modern tech in the process. The consoles are shown here at Pappy & Harriet’s, an iconic music venue in the Californian community of Pioneertown in San Bernardino County. You’ll also find Wrensilva gear in the homes of music producers like Rick Rubin and Mark Ronson, and the brand’s mid-century aesthetic is a perfect fit for the archetypal Californian modernist abode.

Founded by a team with deep roots in music, sound engineering and design, Wrensilva’s unparalleled level of quality control ensures each console is expertly crafted to reawaken the spirit of HiFi. Andover Audio’s ‘Model-One’ is another compact solution, this time with a more modular twist. By pairing the record player with its internal audio system and Bluetooth connectivity with a walnut stand and sub-woofer, you get a mighty sound with a small footprint.

Wrensilva’s new stereo consoles recall the world’s best music venues (even if that’s just your living room). You can pair your Wrensilva console with any existing Sonos speakers throughout your home. Access to all your online music services, internet radio stations and so on is accessible via an included app. We keep you updated with the latest tech product announcements for everything from the newest drones to obscure gaming gadgets.