Your Ultimate Guide To The 5 Different Stages Of Locs Dreadlocks

Some products tend to get runny when exposed to heat and the sun. If you work outdoors during the day a lot, choose products that will stay intact even in immense heat. If you are considering getting faux locs, please consider their length, thickness and weight.

Whether you’re years into your loc journey or new to the style, there are a plethora of loc care ways to care for natural hair locs and maintain a crown full of healthy dreadlocks. Like all natural hair routines, moisturizing locs will be paramount, and surprisingly quite easy to do. If you prefer a low maintenance routine, there are products for you as well. Ahead, discover the best products for locs and tips and tricks for maintaining dreadlocks. Unless your stylist tells you not to, stick to a weekly hair washing schedule for the first month after your appointment. Don’t use conditioner or other hair care products, which can keep your hair from developing dreadlocks.

Shrinkage is most evident when afro-textured hair is wet. The more coiled the hair texture, the higher its shrinkage. However, afro-textured hair is often difficult to categorize because of the many different variations among individuals. Those variations include pattern , pattern size , density , strand diameter , and feel .

Starting with the bottom and back of your head, take one cluster of hair at a time and unclip it. Hold it by the tip and comb the cluster from the tip to the root with a fine-toothed metal comb. Continue to comb curly hair at the bottom your hair until the entire cluster of hair is knotted together. If your locks are still growing very unevenly, or are fraying after at least 3 months of palm rolling, schedule an appointment with a stylist.

A pixie cut is a classic style, and it works beautifully with 3B hair types. If you have fine hair, you can finger wave the curls to create flapper-era vibes. Along with using the right moisturizing products, curly hair benefits from a few other lifestyle hacks. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will ensure your hair retains its moisture. You can also use the pineapple pony technique to retain your styled curls.

They may be slightly drying though, so keep your hair texture in mind before purchasing one. However, if you experience dryness after continued usage, you should switch to fragrance-free gels. The essential oils, natural plant and herbal extracts, amino acids, and minerals help induce natural hair growth.